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Awareness About Kidney Diseases

Is your kidney getting worse? Then, you are required to talk with a healthcare provider and get the renal failure treatment in Delhi NCR. If you are seeking for the best specialist then, Dr. B.K. Upadhyay is one of the best and is the preferred choice of the patients for getting the renal failure treatment. Trusting him is one of the best choices which can help you feel better and live life longer.

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How to Detect Kidney Problems in Early Stage

Since we know kidney diseases are silent killers as 50 % of loss/ damage of kidney diseases can not be even picked up by blood tests. But there are some early hints when we should suspect...

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How Kidneys are Affected in a Diabetic Patient

Kidney failure cases are increasing in our country every day. Kidney failure cases would increase further as most important cause of kidney disease is diabetes and we are called diabetes capital because as per prediction of WHO...

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What Are Some of the Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease is defined as having some type of kidney abnormality, or "marker", such as protein in the urine and having decreased kidney function for three months or longer...

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How is Chronic Kidney Disease Detected?

Early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease are the keys to keeping kidney disease from progressing to kidney failure...

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