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Diabetic Kidney Disease is a kind of issue which develop in the individuals who are suffering from diabetes. This issue can progress sometimes to kidney failure in some of the cases. The treatment of diabetic kidney aims to delay or prevent progression of the disease. Moreover, it also aims to decrease the risk of progressing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack which are common among the individuals suffering from diabetes than other individuals. If you are suffering from diabetes then seek for diabetic kidney disorder specialist in Delhi NCR for which Dr. B.K. Upadhyay is best.

When the kidneys get damaged, they cannot filter blood as they should do normally, which causes wastes to build in the body. The kidney damage also causes some other health issues. The damage of kidney caused by diabetes develops slowly over years.

There are various diabetic kidney disease stages for which you should take precautions to prevent this damage. Some other names of diabetic kidney disease are, DKD, diabetic nephropathy, or kidney disease of diabetes.

Ways of prevention from diabetic kidney disease

  • Healthy kidney resides in healthy body. Take good control of sugars & Blood pressure.
  • Lead healthy life style.
  • Avoid obesity.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Avoid smoking by any mean.
  • Smoking is bad for heart as well as kidneys apart from high cancer risk.
  • Avoid over the counter painkillers.

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